Monday, January 11, 2010

Passing Time, Counting Days, Getting Stalked

I have a doctor appointment on the 21st. Nothing exciting or revealing, just getting stabbed full of nutrients and having a general check up. Then I have another appointment early in February some time, I'll have to check the date. It's basically just to go over the results of my sleep study and CAT scan. Where we go next will be determined by that appointment so it's a pretty big one. All in all, now that I am actually getting nutrients into my bloodstream, I'm feeling considerably better.

Gobi Gaara is doing well. Doesn't take food from my fingertips yet, but it's only a matter of time. He's more active now and doesn't freak out when I move by his tank to turn on the lamp, which is a good sign. Goldfish are pretty smart, as far as fish go. Google it!

I went shopping and bought all manner of sweets. I don't know why, not that I need a reason. I was just in one of those moods I guess. Chocolate glazed doughnuts, strawberry gummi puffs, icecream sammiches, and mandarin chocolate (which is orange gel covered in chocolate, not the delicious orange flavored chocolate I had in California last time).

Speaking of which! I'll be headed back to California this March, for a whole month of endless win. Putting that out there now so it doesn't sneak up on anyone unawares. Avoiding tragedy, you see. March-April = Inari in California doing interesting and oh so intriguing California things.

My grandfather keeps insisting on getting in touch with childhood friends Geoff and Georgie Stults to get my friends and I all access to a Red Carpet event. He doesn't really realize the distance between Hollywood and where I will be. Or how long it has been since I've seen Geoff and Georgie. I'll have to talk to him about that. As fun as hanging out with famous people is, we'll have to pass. I will be having enough fun as it is anyhow. Oh, so very much fun.

Besides, they'd make me wear a dress.

Until then it's, "get shit done and pass time" mode. Where I basically do whatever needs doing and try to occupy myself with things that will keep me busy. Some of you want me to resub an MMO, but, I honestly can't think of one I want to play right now. Have any convincing arguments? I will likely just do a lot of sketching, reading, Stargate, modding, and chit-chatting. Other gaming would be on that list too, if I get my belongings back anytime soon... Ahem.

That reminds me. It has been brought to my attention that I have an internet stalker. An e-stalker if you will. Or perhaps an iStalker? I don't know. Hello, Stalkerface McLace. Are you breathing heavily yet? I considered making everything here private, to circumvent said stalking. But, he would probably just make a fake profile and spam me with friend requests hoping I'll accept one so he can read this anyhow. Of course it is a he. I think I'll just save us both the hassle. Enjoy!

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