Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Dream of Milk

I had an interesting dream last night, somewhat based on fact, I guess? In breast milk exists a hormone that helps to pacify babies. This is why many nursing babies will pass out after nursing for a time whereas many formula fed babies may not fall asleep at all unless they're actually tired. This is the same for all animals, including cows.

In my dream this fact was being exploited through a strong pro dairy campaign to pacify the citizens of the world. Not to make them completely docile (Serenity, anyone?), as that's not much use, but to control them to a lesser degree by making them more slothful and apathetic to what takes place around them. In my dream hippies who drank soy milk weren't drinking soy milk because they were hippies but were hippies because they weren't drinking cow's milk. Mind = blown. I know. Of course by 'hippie' I mean nonconformist/anti-establishment, not that guy you know who sits in his boxers all day, doesn't wash his hair, and smokes more pot than he breathes oxygen. That guy isn't a hippie, he's just dirty and lazy.

It was a cool 1984 kind of dream but it actually made me wonder, not if humans are being controlled by dairy consumption -- as that's fucking crazy, but if that really has something to do with why some people are so gung ho about cow's milk despite research indicating it actually isn't all that good for you and tastes like gross. Despite popular belief, you can get calcium and vitamin D from a variety of other sources.

Cow's milk, for the record, tastes absolutely nothing like human breast milk. By comparison it's very sour. Which makes sense since we're, you know, two completely unrelated mammals. Personally, I can't stand the taste of milk on its own, yet other people seem to LOVE it. No, not just enjoy it but LOVE it. Which makes me wonder if perhaps humans do only enjoy cow's milk for the calming affect of this hormone and not the taste at all? Kind of like how people enjoy smoking cigarettes despite the fact that they taste like ass. When you first try it, you hate it just like everyone else, but the more you drink it the more you like it. Only most people started drinking milk so young they never remember hating it.

Food for thought!
No pun intended.

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