Saturday, October 12, 2013

3000 Diapers Later

One year ago yesterday we welcomed Jude into the world. It seems crazy that it has been a year already. Though the first four months (what I lovingly refer to as The Gauntlet) dragged on relentlessly, the months after that seemed to go by faster and faster. There were a lot of firsts, for all of us!

The hospital I delivered at sent me this email, "Congratulations! You've made it through your first twelve months together. In the past year, you've changed at least 3,000 diapers and lost about 350 hours of sleep!" Holy cow.

I would like to extend a very heartfelt thanks to those of you who have helped us during these first twelve months. Whether you sent gifts, donated clothing/toys/funds, offered advise, babysat for a couple of hours, comforted me when I hadn't slept for a week straight, or just sent well wises. Your contributions, no matter how small you may've thought they were, mean the world to me and words cannot do my thankfulness justice.

Hopefully I won't forget anyone, but if I do, know that it's probably sleep deprivation and the fact that I've had to wrestle Jude away from the laptop at least six times while type this and I only started four minutes ago. If you don't see your name, I apologize sincerely.

In no particular order:

Emerylde B., Eileen U., Papa, Jim U. & Marilyn, Kristen B., Donna P., Milena P., Josh A., Ryan D., Will D., Helene S., Rose T., Morgan P., Heidi S. & Christian Z., Holly G., Eric S., Bob W., Jeri B., Mandy M., Amanda P., Sarah B., Tiffani R., KJ P., Arlene H. & Kurt H., Melina B., Sierra D.

Thank you.

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