Monday, November 14, 2011

The Value of Pie

For the last three days we have survived off of pizza and copious amounts of Sprite. We had a beta to play, you see. On Friday we grabbed a five-meat stuffed pizza from Papa Murphy's --  that is five kinds of meat and cheese then a layer of crust, then additional meat and cheese on top. The beast weighed about two or three pounds. It was a delicious thing of beauty. And thus commenced our gaming weekend.

Beta launched at 5:00 PM Friday evening and we played nonstop until 4:00 AM Saturday morning. That's nearly 12 hours of nonstop playing. Then we slept until 11:00 AM and woke up to play again until 10:00 PM to break for dinner. Almost 12 more hours of nonstop playing. We took up the mantle again around 11:00 PM Saturday night and continued on until around 3:00 AM Sunday morning. Which is only 4 hours of nonstop gaming, but tagged on the back of the previous 12 and it's quite excessive. We got up around 12:00 PM or so and, after a shower, got right back to it playing until beta concluded at something like 9:00 PM. Then we resumed real life and ate an actual meal.

As we ate our herb-baked chicken, we watched an episode of Dexter. In this episode of Dexter there is a scene where pecan pie is being consumed. This gave us an extreme craving for pie. So much so that we actually threw on some clothes and went to the grocery store as soon as the episode concluded. They did not have pecan however so we had to settle on pumpkin. Pie in hand, we returned home triumphant and watched another episode of Dexter, during which we managed to consume THE ENTIRE PIE. Yes, you read that right. The whole pie? We ate it.

Aaron and I each ate half a pie unto ourselves in one sitting. I regret nothing! I knew when he asked if I would like more pie that the adult thing to do would be to say, "No. We have had enough pie." But rare is it that I base my decisions on the adult thing to do. So my answer instead was, "Yes. We NEED more pie."


  1. Pie is a wonderful thing. I myself have lemon meringue in the fridge. Pie is a gift from the higher beings: bakers. And what a glorious gift it is.

  2. I once ate a whole banana cream pie all by myself. It was too tasty, so I decided to eat the entire thing. My body disagreed: I was so sick. I guess my limit is half a pie.