Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Art & Dungeons

Wait, what?
Tons of fun last weekend. Josh and Will came over on Friday. We spent the evening creating second edition D&D characters and drinking, then ran a game Saturday afternoon. This lead us to the discovery of Rumbeer, a combination comprised of rum and root beer which later got out of hand with the addition of port. It was good prior to adding the port. Aaron cooked us all a delicious meal and we ate it while watching episode one of The Walking Dead which, turns out, isn't the best dinner television. Good show though.

Our party consisted of Josh's anti-charismatic blindly loyal Templar, Aaron's Psionic bird-man, and my oblivious good-intentioned thief -- who got us into the whole mess. Surprisingly no one died. We did however do the exact opposite of what the campaign expects you to do. Over throw the tyrant ruler? Nah, we're siding with him. Sorry.

On Sunday we met up with a woman from Aaron's boot camp class and her husband, and went to the art museum. We got up dreadfully early considering the previous two days and as I sat there groggy and unenthusiastic I distinctly remember thinking, "Why am I up so early? I hate art." Which is kind of funny, considering. It didn't help that I was rushed through my daily routine, with only enough time to hop in the shower and wash my hair. But after a hastily eaten bowl of oatmeal I was happy to go along.

I hadn't been to an art museum in a decade at least, so despite my start to the day I was actually pretty excited to go. There was a baroque exhibit this weekend, which I'm not sure exists every weekend or not. They made it sound fleeting. But I like baroque, which shouldn't surprise anyone since I obviously like vibrant colors. We saw a lot of really magnificent art and some sub par art as well, but that's to be expected. They have to collect a little bit of everything. Not that some of the art wasn't good, I'm sure for it's genre it was great. There are just some methods I find lack luster and kind of lazy. But I digress.

What really caught my eye was the braille on the exist sign. I wasn't aware that blind people go to visual arts museums. Especially since they have rather strict no-touching policies. I guess they do though? Seems odd to me, but I'm hardly one to talk.

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