Monday, November 9, 2009

Show Us Your Boobs!

I went out with Lena last night and was reminded instantly of all the high school misadventures we had. A great time. Definitely what I needed! Not that I don't usually have an awesome time hanging out with Lena, of course. She's always been fun times. It's just that last night in particular reminded me of back in the day.

We went to this bar I'd never been to before lovingly referred to as "The Liz." When closing time came we went on a treasure hunt for a bowling alley before winding up in a gas station that smelled mysteriously of Cinnabons and then Cuyahoga Falls at an agent's house (yes, an agent) with lots of beer and his creeper roomie, who was for the record the best part of the night easily.

A mix between Creed from The Office and Kenny Powers from Eastbound & Down (which I hadn't seen until last night but makes the perfect reference). Agent guy was super concerned that this guy would scare us off, but we're good sports and incidentally find what most women would run from amusing. So.

It worked out well for us entertainment wise. Of course he kept propositioning me for sex, throwing in that he knew he had little chance of success every time, but what can you do? Shrug it off and laugh! Which he was a good sport about, so that made it alright. At least he wasn't one of those hostile creepers. amirite?

We ended up staying out until like 6am before realizing we should probably sober up and head home. Things like this make Ohio not seem so bad when I think of sticking around here. Food for thought for me!

Oh and to follow up that last entry of mine, just so no one gets the wrong idea:


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