Thursday, July 10, 2008

Testing, Testing 1-2-3

So I had another doctor's appointment concerning my scaphoid this week, they think there may be something wrong outside of the bone damage.

Good news is I got a choice this time between a cast or a 24/7 splint. Naturally I lept at the opportunity to shower normally and took the splint. I have to wear it nonstop, except when showering, for the next 2 weeks until I go back to the doctor's. If I don't keep it elevated and stationary they'll punish me by making me wear a cast for the 2 weeks instead.

If the pain is no better at all in 2 weeks I'll have to get an MRI and/or a bonescan to determine the extent of damage and the possibility that soft tissue was also damaged in the fall. The way my doctor spoke wasn't very comforting. Sounded like she might suspect something went wrong the first time I broke my scaphoid making this injury worse than normal.

Let's hope not. I don't do surgery well. Every time I have had to go under the knife I had the worst possible post-surgery outcomes. For example when I had surgery on my throat I suffered unforeseen side effects from the muscle removal and had to relearn how to speak. With my luck if they need to do surgery on my hand to repair it they'll wind up amputating it.

I'll keep you posted.

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