Monday, June 30, 2008

Deja vu, or Something Like It

This last Sunday I slipped and fell in my kitchen. Ow. Apparently the fridge decided to leak water onto the tile so when I walked into the kitchen my feet were taken out from under me. I decided to just try and sleep it off but this evening I was in more pain than I was earlier and had extensive swelling and bruising on my left arm.

I decided it'd be best to just go ahead and go to the doctor for x-rays, but by the time I got up to go, the local office was closed. Blarg. So I spent a good hour or so in the E.R. instead. Much to my surprise it wasn't busy at all and I got in and out pretty fast.

Turns out I broke the same bone in my arm that I broke 2+ years ago. The Scaphoid. I am currently in a half-cast and will be visiting an orthopedist in about a week for further testing and probably a massive cast, like they gave me the last time I broke that bone... all the way up to my shoulder. Ugh.

Thankfully my spine and tailbone don't appear to have been broken, but I pulled a shitload of muscles along the spine so I'm in a lot of pain.

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