Friday, July 25, 2008

Good & Bad News

My doctor's appointment was this afternoon. I had another set of X-rays done which revealed the good news: my scaphoid is okay. No surgery! This also revealed the bad news: what they suspected was a hairline occult fracture of the radius 2 weeks ago, which should've been significantly better by this time, has revealed itself to be in fact worse now. I have no idea how, I have kept the brace on as told... 24/7 except when showering.

Figures though.

I go for an MRI on the 31st to check for damage to the soft tissue since the injury still hurts so damned badly and there is weakness in the thumb unassociated with the fracture. So, I'll have to keep you posted on the results of that test after it's done and reviewed. For now we're continuing treatment via brace rather than cast, I really don't want to wear another cast allllll summer.

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