Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bloodscalp Innari Is Not Me

It has come to my attention that some crazy fat girl who's a friend of a friend has been posing as me in World of Warcraft -- a game which I have not played in months -- linking sexually deprived men to my myspace page trying to convince them that she is me. Is she that desperate for e-attention?

To make matters worse, she is using my likeness not only to con decent man-folk into giving her virtual money and items in game, but she is using my likeness to con decent man-folk into paying for her subscription, sending her money, and sending her real world items.

So I'll just make this clear here and now: Inari, Innari, or any variation thereof from Bloodscalp is not me, never was me, and never will be me.

Also just for the record boys and girls, I do not use Inari as my ingame name in MMORPGs for obvious reasons. So anyone claiming to be me by that handle is probably either an unattractive girl insecure about her looks, a man, or both.

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