Saturday, August 17, 2013


Gratuitous tit shot.
I am not the least bit ashamed to say that I have a modest bust. I'm happy with it, it's actually one of the physical characteristics I like best about myself. In fact, the only people who've ever seemed to take issue with the size of my breasts are other heterosexual females. Weird, right?

I've never received any complaints from men. I mean, really, what's there to complain about? Small breasts are perky and will never sag. They don't suffer from being overly veiny or have stretch marks. They are still enjoyable to play with, meanwhile they don't cause me any physical discomfort. Best of all? I don't have to wear a bra.

There are literally no benefits that a large bust has over a small one unless that's simply your "thing." Even in breastfeeding it matters not. Size has nothing to do with glands or milk ducts. Size is solely due to fat deposits. You will produce the same amount of breast milk regardless of your cup size. In actuality small breasts may very well be a boon to breastfeeding as there are more positions and holds available to you.

Yet a lot of women seem to think that since I don't have a C cup, my life must be somehow lacking. That my other physical attributes have to compensate for the fact that the sacks of fat on my chest do not weigh two or more pounds each. A few have even said as much to my face. Like they were trying to boost my fragile small-boob ego. This I will never understand.

Ladies, I don't need an ego boost. I'm sexy and I know it. I do not want  tig 'ol bitties. I do not need them. What I have is plenty. Why are you so concerned? Go do twenty jumping jacks, run a mile, and then report back to me how happy you are with your chest-butt.

Back in the day things weren't like they are now, where girls get boobs at nine years old and have their period at ten. In seventh grade I was one of the very first girls to get boobs at all. I was sent home from school for not wearing a bra and told not to come back until I had bought one. I was mortified.

I'm a very active individual. I danced ballet, I ran upwards of six miles per day, I took my bike anywhere I had to go even if it meant riding it to other cities. All of this undoubtedly had an impact on my development, but when I found out in health class that being extremely active could delay menstruation for several years and impede the development of breasts I wasn't upset. I was ecstatic! By doing what I did already, I could not only avoid the inconvenience of bleeding for several days every single god damned month but not get a giant back-pain inducing rack? It was like Christmas.

So before you think that my long legs, nice ass, pretty face, great skin, or lean figure exist to compensate for my small boobs, ask yourself why the hell you think I need to compensate for anything. Are you relying so heavily on your breasts that you can't imagine a life without them? Why? You're putting more emphasis on boobs than guys do. That is a little sad, ladies. What you're doing isn't about helping the other woman, it's about making yourself feel better by trying to make others insecure about themselves. It should not matter to you whether or not you could lose a teacup poodle in my cleavage.

Stop boob-shaming. You are more than your cup size.

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  1. I'm appalled that anyone could give you a hard time about your breasts. Who cares enough to? Gosh. I'm sorry to hear that.

    Also, you got it right. I am in love with smaller boobs and wish I had them for the reasons in this above post. COME ON FITNESS... Crossing my finger and hoping I'll have at least something smaller someday!

    Keep on keepin', Inari!