Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Movie Going: The Lone Ranger, World War Z

Thanks to the mother-in-law baby sitting, we saw two movies last week while down in Los Angeles: The Lone Ranger and World War Z.

The Lone Ranger was pretty good, though it felt more like the story of Tonto instead of that of John. This incidentally made it feel kind of like they needed a white guy on screen to tell a red man's story. I enjoyed it regardless. It just seemed weird to me that The Lone Ranger himself essentially felt like the side kick.

I'm not sure how it escaped me, but I had no idea World War Z was a zombie movie. Brad Pitt basically plays himself which makes the acting seem natural but the movie is full of immersion-breaking bad decision making and plot holes. I think that this one is better suited to a TV and a room full of friends rather than a movie theater, so you can openly boggle and discuss the wtf's, but it was entertaining enough.

I forgot how much I enjoy going to the movies. We got such a large popcorn that I just now finished it even though we saw the last movie on Sunday.

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