Friday, July 12, 2013

Homemade Popcorn in The Microwave

Popcorn is my very favorite snack. I used to eat at least a bag of it a day, if not more. The drawback is that prepackaged microwavable popcorn is absurdly overpriced. As a result I started popping my own on the stovetop which is, in all regards, better tasting anyhow. The pieces are fluffier and crunchier and just altogether superior in every way. It takes longer, but it's worth it. You can buy about two pounds worth of kernels for the same price you'd buy three servings of microwavable bags.

Lately though I haven't had time to do this so unless Aaron was making it for me, I've gone without. Trying to fill snacky void with other foods is just underwhelming though. For this reason I decided to experiment today. I had heard of people using common household items to pop corn in the microwave, but I didn't have those items. Instead, I improvised!

Using a medium sized glass bowl, a large plate, a square of parchment paper, and 1/4 cup of kernels I flawlessly popped my own bowl in the microwave, saving precious time and fulfilling my never ending popcorn craving. I folded the square of parchment several times and wedged it under one end of the plate so that the bowl would be vented and poured in my kernels. From there it was basically by the book microwave popcorn-wise. Set the time for four minutes and just wait for the kernels to start popping more than two seconds apart and then stop it.

The bowl and plate will be hot if you try this at home, so be sure to put on oven mitts before reaching in there. It's also probably a keen idea to make sure your glassware is microwave safe so nothing terrible happens. I'm not sure what exactly could happen, but I assume things are deemed either microwavable or not for a valid reason.

I added some garlic, salt, and olive oil to taste and enjoyed immensely! Unfortunately I enjoyed it so much that I didn't get the opportunity to take a picture for the blog. Oh well, you guys know what the hell popcorn looks like.

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