Thursday, May 16, 2013

What Are You Doing Macy's?

So, Macy's, care to explain why you are charging so much more for the exact same piece of jewelry? Both are sterling silver (not gold as Macy's price might suggest) with the exact same measurements and include an 18" chain. I am very curious as to why Macy's price is so different? I understand that prices must be higher when you operate a store with an actual storefront, but marking up prices this much can only be out of greed.

Mother & Child Locket from Amazon, price includes free shipping.
List price: $50.00
Price: $25.00

Mother & Child Locket from Macy's, price does not include shipping.
List price: $150.00
Sale price: $79.00

Even their sale price is absurd. Looking through a few of their other listings reveal a lot of other questionable things. Suchas silvertone and plated jewelry starting at $45.00, I'm sorry but at that price you can get actual silver elsewhere. The whole thing seems intentionally misleading. Anyone who trusts an old name like Macy's may not realize how important it is to shop around, and may not read the fine print to realize they're not in some cases buying actual precious metals.

It's no secret that Macy's is a pricey place to shop, but prior to this I thought it was due to quality. It used to be that way. However if I can buy things made by the exact same designer, in the exact same condition, with the exact same materials, for less than half the price basically anywhere else... what the shit, Macy's?

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