Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Phone Induced Anxiety

I've never been an anxious person really. However recently I have developed a severe case of phone-related anxiety. Notably when someone I care about tells me, "I need you to call me ASAP." Especially if ASAP isn't for hours or even a whole day. I just sit there imagining what tragic news they're going to break to me and eat Tums like a fat kid with a tub of M&M's.

I wasn't always like this, but this past year or so almost every time someone has said those words it has been bad news. Not even bad news, more like the worst news you can imagine at the time. To the point where hearing or reading them just sets my stomach to churning.

It could be something as benign as scheduling an impromptu lunch date with a friend who unexpectedly found themselves in the neighborhood -- but if they don't specify and just tell me to call as soon as I can, I set to panic mode. It's quite absurd, I know. It's just been programmed into me lately that an urgent need to talk is inherently going to be terrible.

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