Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mother's Day

In honor of Mother's Day, my favorite pictures of my mom!

Her smile here makes me so happy.
It's the 80's, as if our hair didn't say as much.
She's having trouble reaching the top!
I'm not supposed to post this on Myface (aka The Internet).
Margarita Ville, Population: 2
Yes, I am the whitest person in our family.
My mom is the shortest though.
We are trying really hard to be srs.
But we cannot.
She's probably telling me not to take pictures of her when she doesn't know it.
She got up at 3AM to wait at the airport with me before I went to CA for a month.
Mom and Papa, having fun.
Her's was empty.
We are talking on the phone AND the computer. Haha.
Monkey babies.
Karaoke night!
I love you, Mom. Thanks for everything.

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