Friday, February 24, 2012

A Sweet Treat II

Thanks to Trader Joe's our house is now slowly being filled with grinders of various sorts. Because let's face it, if you have to choose between pre-ground anything and grinding it yourself, whether it be coffee or pepper, grinding it yourself is not only more satisfying but also far more flavorful.

While out this evening to pick up a few things needed for Aaron to make his hearty homemade pasta sauce, we stumbled upon this gem:

At long last.
Anyone who knows much of anything about me knows that I enjoy adding a dash of cinnamon to basically any warm beverage I drink. Tea, coffee, hot chocolate, whatever. So, I am pretty excited about trying this out. I'd say I'll let you know how it is but I can pretty much say, after having tried all of their other grinders, that it'll be fantastic. Instead I'll simply direct you to your nearest Trader Joe's to buy one for yourself. Whether you drink hot beverages are often as I do or not.

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