Saturday, February 25, 2012

Faygo Delicatessen

Earlier tonight I was having a conversation with one of my dear sisters and we got onto the topic of delicious things you can pretty much only find there in certain states. One such item being Faygo pop. I'm being true to my roots here guys, sorry. It's not soda, it's pop.

While these days you can find Faygo in many states (generally in BevMo's), it's really just not the same. In many places outside of Michigan it is treated like some sort of delicacy. Whereas in Michigan it's basically the drink you buy because it's cheaper than water. It should at no point in time cost you more than $2.00 per bottle. Especially if those bottles are anything smaller than a 2 liter. The fact that you pay upwards of $3.00 in many places for smaller bottles is ridiculous to me. Also ridiculous to me is how it tends to be dressed up. I mean, just look at this thing:

Not my balcony btw.
It's in a nice glass bottle with a metal cap that you need a bottle opener to remove, and the logo is wearing a crown. A freaking crown. It's Faygo. Guys, what the hell? Seriously. Do you know how it's is marketed in the homeland? In a plastic bottle (if in a bottle at all) with minimal embellishments. The extent of flare for the packaging tends to rest in the range of "matches the color of the drink inside." That's it.
Genuine Faygo! Not to be confused with...

No really, that's it. Also? Stop asking what flavour it is. I'm not sure what precisely you're expecting, but it's not a gourmet drink. Don't let the artwork fool you. This beverage in no way tastes anything like strawberries. I wager they put strawberries on the box rather than apples simply because apples also come in yellow and green and that'd be confusing. The flavor is Red. That's why it's called Faygo Red Pop and not Strawberry Faygo. It says it right there!

My sister fondly recalls the brand as the brand you buy in the summertime for a BBQ, then keep it cool in a kiddie pool filled with ice. That's right folks, you don't even designate it a place in the fridge. That's where you keep the good shit. When you buy it, you basically drink it that day. If you buy a lot of it, it's because you have a lot of people over and this'll quench their thirst cheaply. You don't stock up on it for later just in case there is a shortage and people are fighting over the last can in the super market. You buy exactly how much you think you'll need at the time.

It is tasty, though.

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