Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day Space Marine

I took my mom out to brunch and bought her a book for Mother's Day, then treated her to gourmet coffee. Don't forget your mothers this weekend, guys. They love you! You're never too cool to love your mommies, I don't care who you are.

Every now and then I get the urge to actually go out and shop for things aside from groceries. Rare but not unheard of. Particularly, I find myself in much need of clothing. I can never take shopping for clothing seriously though because you just stumble upon such whacky clothes you can't help but imagine what sort of crazy person actually buys them. This makes shopping more fun though because I make a game of it. If I can find the absolute ugliest, most bizarre item on the rack, I win. If I can fit into it, I double win. If someone gets a picture of me making an ass out of myself, you win (but I won twice).

Mission accomplished!
I passed a quarter machine at the mall and was sad to learn I held no quarters whatsoever. Though I magically had a single dollar. I NEEDED more balls for my collection. Not ten steps away -- I found a change machine. Cha-ching! Balls +2.

My quest for a dual timezone watch is finally at an end. In lovely sterling silver, I can now keep track of time in Ohio and California simultaneously! Best part? By being nice I got the clerk to add the watch I wanted to the current 50% off sale. Only thing better than stylishly keeping time on both coasts? Doing it for 50% less.

When isn't a good time to be a Space Marine? Never, that's when. While meandering about waiting for pretzels to cook, GameStop happened. I figured I was due another game for my DS to make waiting rooms and airports less boring. Let it not be said digging through the clearance bin never pays off. Once you get passed all the teen idol games and movies made into a game games, you may actually find something worth paying for.

I also bought several Magic cards and when I got home to have a gander at them noticed someone threw in extras for free. How dapper. Free stuff is always great! Aaron says, "The amount of free stuff received is inversely proportional to the amount of clothes worn.  You probably could have gotten a lot more!" He's probably right.

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