Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Uneventful week has been uneventful. For me at least. My doctor's appointment was pushed back to July 2nd from June 22nd due to the neurologist having some emergency come up. Which is fine by me, delays me further, but fine. No one is in a big hurry to be stabbed. Repeatedly.

Drama is drama. I want none of it. Feel free to vent if you need to, of course, but don't expect me to play an active role in perpetuating it. You should all know better.

Other than that, nothing has happened this week. Pretty slow and inconsequential. Not that I mind, gives me time to slack off and enjoy my lack of anything better to do. Although, it also reminds me of three things: The first, I need a new pen. The second, I need thread. The third, I need to go grocery shopping. Need, not want. I know the difference!

Oh, I will be making another trip to Michigan one of these upcoming weekends. Soon. So if you are one of my Michiganders, keep an eye out for that update.

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