Sunday, June 7, 2009

Get To The Choppa!

Cute story involving tiny humans.

So I'm at my mother's house and my nephews were over this weekend and we were all outside playing golf in the backyard. Now, when I say "playing golf" I actually mean "hitting golf balls all over the yard" because there are no holes to speak of and my nephews are only like 4 years old.

Now what's funny is they saw a helicopter fly by and were so awe struck proclaiming, "A plane!" I'm like, "No no, that's a helicopter!" New word alert. They thought that made it even cooler.

We come inside to eat and my oldest nephew notices the little Stanley Cup flag is waving and can't figure out why. My mother says, "The fan is on it's blowing it see?" and they both look up as if they had never before known there was a ceiling fan there before. I say, "It's like a helicopter." And my oldest nephew turns and looks at my mom, his grandma, and says, "Auntie Wiggles is right. It is like a helicopter."



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