Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Feet, Who Needs Them?

So yesterday's tests were productive, which is good considering how miserable they were.

Seems there is, "A serious issue with the nerve and muscle communication." But the doctor doesn't want to make me nervous (he apparently doesn't realize who he's talking to), so he won't throw out possibilities until I undergo more extensive testing. Translation: more needle torture.

The problem is apparently not the feet themselves but something higher up along the route? Which makes sense. Unfortunately no one has much of a clue as to where along the route yet.

His reaction to my test results was more or less, "I have no idea how you've managed to be walking." Which had me wanting to slap someone because that's what I said back when this all started. Everyone seems to forget how high my pain threshold is, so when I say something hurts, it hurts in a mighty mighty way.

Ah well, on to the next stabbings.

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