Sunday, May 31, 2009

I Returneth

Amusing things I noticed from point A to point B:

1. The Shits Road Exit
Honestly, who lives on Shits Road? Can you imagine trying to tell anyone that's where your house was?
2. Strangely High Insect Population Near The State Line
I've been on many road trips, but for some reason we hit a lot of fraking bugs on this trip. So many bug innards littered the windshield in fact that it looked like we were constantly traveling at warp speed.
3. There is a 3 Second Delay on iPhone Cameras
Trying to take a picture of the "Welcome To...!" sign was some epic fail when I was anticipating an instant capture and instead got a photo of open road.
4. Men Piss Anywhere
Saw 4 people pissing on our way back. Separately. Like 1 in Amherst, 1 in Toldeo, 1 in Monroe, etc. The amount of rest stops on the interstate these days is obscene, there's no reason to stop to pee on the side of the road unless you're just a dude wanting to be a dude.
5. Expanse of Land Between Perrysburg & Toledo = Deliverance
Do not stop. Do not. Ever. Nature is not your friend.

The trip itself was awesome.

I saw so many old friends and family! It was almost as if time had somehow stood still and waited for us all to get back together again. Though we were obviously all a little older and a little wiser, it was as if we'd never been apart. And the Wings won, so that was icing on the cool-cake.

Saying goodbye to people was really hard, but especially so to say goodbye to Holly. I was tempted to chloroform her and take her with me just to avoid it. I've decided I must return at least 1 more time before my return South. My little sister and I have to get our older sister to get a tattoo, amongst other things. /evilplot

Doctor's appointment tomorrow at dawn, they'll be jabbing sharp electrical needles into my feet this time. Someone is going to get hit. I may get arrested. I'll keep you posted.

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