Thursday, September 27, 2007

Following The Geese

Tonight is my last night in Ohio, tomorrow we leave at the crack of dawn to board a plane to Florida for a week. To pass time I will be toting my laptops as carry-on as well as my PSP. I've downloaded a new RPG for the trip called Brave Story: New Traveler. So I'll let you know the verdict on that one, but it looks pretty good.

They always serve the yummiest sandwiches on our flights to Florida. Sad thing about it is the sandwich is only about 3" long and 2" wide. Just large enough to make you realize you really wish it were bigger. I wonder if they will serve us sandwiches on this flight, because it's so early? Or if they will give us something else like muffins?

Don't get me wrong, muffins are great, but those sandwiches > muffins.

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