Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Vote or Die In A Fire

Tis the season to be voting and signs have popped up everywhere, as per usual. Vote for so-and-so! No, vote for such-and-such! Vote for her! Vote for him! Vote yes for this! Vote no for that! All of course in red, white, and blue. Cause it just wouldn't be patriotic in any other colors.

I never understood the sign thing. Most sane human beings are going to vote based on facts not some sign they saw on their way to Taco Bell. Furthermore all of these signs seem to be in competition with one another, as if there's some strange sign death match going on.

If you drive by the intersection near our shop in the morning you will see a couple of "Bob for Mayor!" signs chilling there. Drive by again on your way home from work and there will be those original 2 signs and about 40 others surrounding it all telling you to vote for a different person. It's silly. As if whoever puts up the most signs in 1 spot will win the election.

Most people already know who they are going to vote for, and have known since the preliminaries several months ago. These signs serve no purpose other than to litter the roadside, really. It kind of bothers me. Pointlessness aside, all of these signs are made from plastic, which is nonbiodegradable and I'm willing to wager nonrecyclable. Their signs may as well say, "Vote for me, I hate Earth!"

Edit: Just dug this up...
"Many of these signs are made out of corrugated plastic, commonly referred to as "Coroplast". Though the materials look the same, there are actually several incompatible varieties of plastic used in these signs. Each sign must be tested to determine its recycle category. Such testing is only effective in large industrial batches (i.e. 4,000 lb.), so unfortunately it is not practical to recycle corrugated plastic most people simply throw it away."

Now I can forgive a sign or 2 from someone just reminding you it's time to vote soon, make sure you're ready. Afterall voting is important, very important. But... sign wars are dumb. The people who participate in them are dumb too. And most of all anyone who votes based only on a sign they saw on the roadside is really really dumb.

On a less serious note, someone stuck a sign in the field near our shop which says: " Vote for Funari!" You know -- my impulsive fun loving evil twin.

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