Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Medicine is Icky

I'm still not completely better from my pneumonia several weeks ago and with lackluster test results from my blood work my doctor decided to put me on medication again (I apparently have a secondary infection).

Now, anyone who knows me knows that I cannot swallow pills. I'm physically incapable of it. My doctor is also aware of this and normally prescribes me a liquid based regimen. In the late 90's it was realized by drug manufacturers that the inability to swallow pills is actually pretty common. Thus everything began being created in two forms, pill and liquid. Whereas before liquid medications were only available in children's dosages. Very rarely do I wind up having to chew or crush pills these days.

This last week though I saw my doctor's associate, because my actual doctor was out of town. When she called in my prescription I ended up with pills. I've crushed and chewed pills before so I figured I'd just do the same again. Boy was I mistaken.

These pills are so disgusting I can't even think of another gross enough item to compare them to. I have never tasted anything this bad before, and I have chewed pills of all varieties! Up until this the worst tasting pill award belonged to Midol (which tastes suspiciously like acetone). This is at least 20x worse than that.

They are like little round spheres of icky death.

On top of that the side effects make me feel worse than I actually feel just being sick. Sick I'm fatigued and have some muscle aches and pains. When I take this medicine I have a headache, I am dizzy, my stomach hurts, I'm exhausted... What the hell, right? I'm usually pretty tolerant but this is pushing it.

Last night after I had taken the medication and it made me feel so bad that a friend took me -- at 1am -- to get a milk shake because it was the only thing anyone could think of that could possibly improve the situation.

I'll be talking to my doctor this afternoon and we're going to see if she can perscribe me something in a liquid. I mean, if I have to pony up and continue with these pills, I will, but I'd rather not have to. Either way, I'll just be happy when I'm not sick anymore!

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