Monday, August 20, 2007

Medicine is Icky II & A Carnival

The medication did not come in liquid form so I had to suffer through 10 days of extreme gross twice a day. Ew. But wait, there's more! I'm still sick so I've been put on another medication! At least this one is a liquid.

Now for something completely different!

I went to the local carnival last week with my nephews. They were really well behaved, little Bill walked around with us and we pushed Jaidar along in his stroller. Jaidar got scared of a ride we walked by and started crying so little Bill held his hand. I almost died from cute overdose.

There weren't a wide selection of games there this year but luckily one of the games that was there was the dart game. I used to play darts with my step dad and my uncles all The time growing up so I always peg this game and walk away with the loot. Despite the carnies' assumption that, as a woman I would automatically fail at throwing a dart, I won stuffed animals for both of my nephews. With my last dart I won a prize for myself as well. The carnie probably felt like a true dunce.

We then filled my nephews full of funnel cake, elephant ears and koolaid and dropped them off at my brother's house. ..

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