Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I like art. Particularly, I like to create art. I prefer traditional mediums to technological ones, for instance I'll always choose a pad of paper and ink over photoshop. But sometimes it's nice to just play around with digital mediums which is why I love art[dot]com's artpad feature.

When I get the taste for a little quick, clean, digital art I go there and paint without the clean up! It can be a strain though, I don't have a tablet so I do all the work with a regular mouse which sticks and jumps and makes me have to start over a lot.

Half the fun is the playback feature where you can watch the piece go from a blank canvas to a completed piece right before your eyes. Normally I'd just post that link for anyone who may want to peak at my mouse pad scribbles, but art[dot]com is broken today so I had to get screenshots instead.

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