Monday, January 15, 2007

Inari > PSP

So after a day of thinking about it,  I went to the store and I bought my shiny new PSP. I even paid in cash, which I never do because I dislike handling money. I had exact cash and intended to be all suave and pay that way, but I didn't include taxation in my equation so I wound up having to break another 20.

It's great because it's a version .71 (not the newer .82) so I can mod it and download old games that aren't actually available for the PSP.

This means any game I own now or in the future, no matter what console or handheld it was originally designed for, will be playable on my PSP with a little assistance from a computer. Because I would only ever download things that I've already paid for myself and already own. Obligatory disclaimer out of the way!

For example's sake: even though Square is only re-releasing FFVI for the GBA:A (which I also own, original pink import) I can technically buy it for my GBA, rip it to my PC's HD and reformat it for the PSP. Then hook up my PSP through the USB port and download it. Why? Good question really, since I already own a GBA and having bought the game (despite the fact it's US release is next month) I could just play it on my GBA... I guess the answer to that would be I like the PSP better.

Not that I intend to do this with FFVI's re-release for the GBA, that was just to give you an idea of what I meant since I know a lot of you noobs aren't gamers yourselves. Come to think of it, even WITH an example most of you probably still have no idea what I meant. So nevermind.

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