Monday, January 8, 2007

The 1 Thing

Target sells everything -- or so I thought!. You can go to one aisle and buy an LCD and walk a couple aisles over and buy a freaking slice of pizza, it's crazy. Any time I need something random, I always go to Target first because I always find exactly what I'm looking for, and they have those cool cement balls outside which are neat.

What is this 1 thing you ask? What could possibly be beyond Target's all-reaching economical  grasp? Paint. Yep, paint.

I went there looking for some paint with which to paint our logo for shipping computers only to search the ENTIRE store and come up empty handed. To make sure I wasn't just somehow missing it, I asked a clerk. His response, "Ugh, yeah... we don't sell that here." and he sounded ashamed when he said it. Like, he knew they should have it in stock but for some maniacal reason they don't, ever.

So I say to you, wtf?

You probably thought this was going to be something deep and philosophical because of the title. You should know better. Really.

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