Monday, January 1, 2007

2007, Here We Come

Happy New Year everyone!

In 2006 I experienced many things. I'll list just a few of them that I'm especially grateful for...
1) Chris and I moved in together!
    1a)  We then adopted our kitten Spock.
    1b) Now we're starting our own business!
2) I found my long lost little sister!
3) Getting my hands on those next gen consoles!
    3a) PS3
    3b) XBox 360 HD
    3c) Nintendo Wii
4) Watching my nephew William take his first steps and say his first words.
5) Witnessing my nephew Jaiden grow healthier.
6) The continued friendship of my friends both offline and those online.
    6a) We met Rinna irl!
7) Meeting my mother's new puppy Ziggy.
8) The continued well being of not only myself but my friends and family.
9) The abolishment of smoking in all public venues in the state of Ohio.
10) The awe inspiring fantasticness of Viva Pinata.
My resolution is to procrastinate less!

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