Friday, February 5, 2016

Group Dynamics: Who Are You?

When I read books or watch shows I try to figure out who in the group (if there is a group) I would be in such a scenario based on my skills, strengths, and weaknesses. It’s a fun mental exercise, good for discussions with friends, and puts you into the setting more than a spectator, at least for a few minutes.

For a popular example in The Walking Dead, while my favorite character is probably Glenn, I would be the strange lovechild of Carol and Daryl. With the practical know-how and grit to get through most situations unscathed due to circumstance/life pre-apocalypse.

I’m sure other people do this as well. Is there anyone out there who sees themselves as, say… Aiden? Gabriel? Not just people who are awful, like The Governor or Merle, but people who add very little to the group or are actually detrimental to its well being due to flippant laziness/selfishness.

Like, holy crap, I would change my life IMMEDIATELY.

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