Sunday, January 17, 2016

Women Can Dislike Women

I think my biggest pet peeve in the gaming community (aside from harassment, obv.) is that if I, a woman, dislike another woman for any reason, it is immediately dismissed as cattiness by literally everyone. Even people who should know better will question my dislike of another woman online. To make it worse, when the woman is inevitably awful to them too they all act shocked as if they had not been warned ahead of time.

I can offhandedly say I dislike a man for any number of reasons, big or small, and everyone will take my dislike of that man completely seriously.

But if I say I dislike another woman, even for a completely valid reason, like say she poisoned my dog or something, no one will take that dislike to heart. Not one person. Everyone will immediately assume I am being too hard on her or that I should be the bigger person because maybe she has changed since killing my dog.


I’m sorry, but no. If I dislike someone it’s for a reason. Their genitalia has absolutely nothing to do with it. I can dislike a woman without being catty. I do not dislike her because she is a woman, I dislike her because she is a bad person. If you listen to logic and reason when I dislike a man, listen to logic and reason when I dislike a woman. It isn’t any different.

This has happened to me, I’ve seen it happen to other women, it so needs to stop already. It’s ridiculous. I am aggressively there for women supporting women. That said, women can dislike women. For valid reasons even. Stop acting like that’s impossible.

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