Saturday, January 4, 2014

Unicorn Smiles for Your Ladies

Normally I am of the mind that you don't get what you pay for. I've never had a bad experience buying cheap clothing over big brand names and, in some cases, actually found my cheaper clothes to stand up to time better than clothing worth hundreds of dollars more. This also applies to bras, where I have found cheap bras to be just as supportive, durable, and in most cases even as comfortable as those I paid much more for.

That said, when it comes to comfortable bras you really can't do much better than Victoria's Secret unless you're having them custom fit. Putting on a bra from Victoria's Secret is like receiving a hug from a chinchilla -- the world's softest animal. I have no idea what the hell they make their bras out of, but I suspect it's something like 50% cotton 50% unicorn smiles.

When Victoria's Secret has their annual online sale (which is right now, btw), I almost always treat myself to a new bra, even though these days I really only wear bras if it's cold outside. Because there's a thing guys don't tend to understand: our tits always feel colder than they are when it's chilly out. So even if you can comfortably go outside without a jacket, your boobs will probably be unhappy about it. A bra is like a sweater specifically for your breasts, allowing you to keep them warm without making the rest of you too warm.

Also, despite it being 2014, you may need a little more coverage depending on where you plan to be going. For some reason nipples peeking through your sweater are still largely frowned upon in polite society.

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