Sunday, January 12, 2014

Inari Gift Buying Guide

I did some reorganizing with my Amazon Wishlist. Namely, I broke it up into different categories so that if you're looking to gift me something specific, it's a lot easier for you. Bold font = clickable links.

I am easy to buy for, literally anything will make me smile, but if you want some guidance then this guide is for you. Whether you want to get something I need more than want (groceries, house supplies, clothing) or something I want more than need (everything else), this will help you narrow it down.

What to Buy An Inari: Contains things I really, really want at the moment and would totally buy for myself if I had the extra cash.

Art Supplies: Filled with art supplies, from beading to sketching. Feed my creativity.

Books: Books, book and more books. How I adore books. Feed my imagination.

Clothing: Prevent me from looking like a nudist or a bog hermit by making sure I have new clothes on my back.

Groceries: Because I am hungry like the wolf.

House Supplies: Sometimes you want an extra table or a new garbage can just as much as someone else would like a diamond necklace.

Jewelry: Jewelry, obviously. Because I am a dragon.

Toys: Actual toys. You'd probably think this was full of 'adult' toys, like chess boards or telescopes or something, but no. Not really.

Video Games: My favorite hobby.

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