Friday, April 27, 2012

Angry Birds

I told you guys a while back that I had a funny (and creepy) story about Angry Birds, an ipad, and a camcorder to tell, but I wanted to illustrate it so it wound up getting delayed by procrastination. Well, here it is...

Aaron and I went to L.A. for Spring Break. While there we took a trip to Best Buy to look for a case for his new Smart Phone as well as for him to surprise buy me a super cool tablet for my birthday. While he was sneakily off looking at tablets, I was standing in the ipad aisle playing Angry Birds and looking up videos of Slow Loris.Which, you know, is the primary function of Best Buy.

Totally oblivious.

Unbeknownst to me there was a man several aisles back in the camcorder section video taping me as I did this. To make it worse, he was uploading the footage from the store camera onto his iphone. Why? I do not know. My only comfort was in knowing that, at least at the time of this event, both of his hands were occupied by technology.
Not creepy at all...

I watched three or four Slow Loris videos and completed several stages of Angry Birds, then decided to look around to find out where Aaron was. That's when I noticed the guy recording me, shot him the dirtiest look, and then basically fled the scene. By the time I'd made it to where Aaron was, the dude from the camcorder section was gone.

I'm going to Angry Birds your face!

And... situations like this, are probably why I hate going anywhere alone.

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