Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pain, Why?

I was going to finally cover the SWTOR launch review I've been meaning to do since, well, SWTOR launch but I'm in way too much pain to accomplish that. So instead, I'll vent about being in pain for no reason.

Every now and then I wake up, out of the blue, and my shoulder/neck area have me in such pain that I an unable to rise out of bed on my own. I would describe the feeling as an intense 'grinding' pain. Similar to that when you've dislocated a bone but continue trying to use the affected appendage. We've all done that at least once, right?

Only thing is, I've done absolutely nothing to injure myself. No competitive tennis playing. No sword fight for my life. Just a normal day, followed by a normal night, followed by unbearable pain. Usually I just eat pain killers left over from past injuries until it goes away on its own. Which is weird in its own right. Pain that bad shouldn't go away on its own, you'd think. Yet eventually it always does, after a few days or more. Though it also always returns.

Question is, why does it happen in the first place? What the heck could I have possibly done that my bones hurt in this way randomly? Have any of you guys ever heard of something like this? Because honestly I'm baffled. I feel like a dufus walking into my doctor's office and trying to explain to her, once again, that I'm injured but I have no idea as to why. Eventually she's just going to start thinking that I'm an abused woman or something and she isn't going to let me go home.


  1. Happens to me sometimes. Most times, there's nothing to indicate why, but there's been one or two times I've woken up with my arm cranked at the most unusual angle over my head, and I've attributed it to having done that at some point during the night.
    I also used to have a similar stiffness problem more regularly and finally discovered it was from spending the night gaming while sitting sideways in my swivel chair, my head turned to the side the whole night.
    It might also simply be time for a new pillow.

  2. I wish it were stiffness, but it's more like excruciating pain. If not for the pain, the actual joint would be able to move just fine. I keep trying to think back to the very first time it happened, to see if I can think about why it began happening, but I don't think there was a triggering event back then either.

    Though my ex was a retard when it came to pain and insisted that turning my head and raising my arm despite it would make it go away. Despite my insistence for him to leave it be, he made me do it regardless and I spent the next thirty minutes laying on the sofa completely unable to move with tears in my eyes because the pain from "going against the pain" hurt so much it was easily a 12 on the 1-10 pain scale.

    I wasn't crying, mind you. The pain had just crossed a threshold where my body knew what to do with it and my eyes watered uncontrollably. He, was an idiot.