Friday, July 8, 2011

I Told You So

See? My effort to make entries more frequently hasn't gone well, though I did warn ahead of time that that would probably be the case. So you can't say I didn't tell you so.

My appointment with the neurologist was canceled. My insurance didn't approve it in time for the appointment. No big deal, right? Well no one informed me. So we drove out to the doctor, signed in, and waited about an hour in the waiting room. A long wait is understandable, so nothing seemed out of the ordinary until the woman who came in after me with an appointment time set after mine (discovered through her obsessive complaining about having to wait), got called back first.

So we're both confused and a little miffed. Was the loud whiny lady being called before me just so she'd stfu? The original receptionist who signed me in earlier and even highlighted my name to make sure the doctor knew I was around, had left, so there was a new woman behind the desk. When asked why the bitchy lady with an appointment scheduled after mine was called back by the same doctor I'm scheduled to see first, the woman checks her records and says I'm not scheduled to see the doctor at all.


Supposedly someone had called and left me a message to inform me of this the day prior. Not so. The only message on my voice mail was from my grandfather a week earlier, and I had no recent missed calls. So she has me double check the number they've got on file. It's 100% correct. So more than likely whoever meant to call me misdialed -- or worse never called at all. Rather than tell me when I got there, the first receptionist just let us sit around and waste our afternoon. The current receptionist can do nothing but half assedly apologize on behalf of the first not doing her job, but that didn't make the situation any better.

When asked why my appointment had been canceled, the woman tells us that my primary care physician never authorized it. Uhm, my primary care physician was the doctor who sent me there. To not have authorized it would be retarded. So we trek across the street to my primary physician's office to see what's up.

The receptionist there says my insurance never approved the appointment and that it may just take a while for them to do so. Once they do, she claims, they will call me to set up a new appointment. This however never happens. Instead out of the blue I get a piece of mail from my insurance. Inside is nothing but a pamphlet about how I can file for a trial to argue my case for having a procedure or appointment denied; there is no actual notice that anything has been officially denied.


My only guess for the appointment to have been denied in the first place is because I had a handful of neurology exams back East and the new insurance thinks those results are, "good enough." Even though I barely even saw a neurologist back there, and I was scheduled for more exams to figure out the underlying cause of my neuropathies. So... that's what I would've assumed would be happening here. They don't need to rerun the same tests (even though the quality of care here is better and they may find something overlooked by the past doctor) they need to run new tests.

If the damage isn't technically in my hands or feet, even though those are the areas affected, that means it's probably either in my spine or brains. Something that should probably be looked into, you'd imagine. I'll probably wind up having to call my insurance, sit on hold for a week, and then talk to someone who has no idea how to do their job, because in my experience people who answer phones for a living seldom do.

In other, related, news the new medication has been far more kind to me than the last. No radical mood swings or amnesia, though I'm thirsty constantly. Feels like my mouth is full of dust sometimes, it is so dry. No amazing improvements, though at times I can actually feel the pinky on my left hand. I'm not sure if that is related to the drug or not, but it's pretty cool (despite the fact that it feels like pins and needles, like it had fallen asleep and is trying to wake up for hours).

In unrelated news we spent a week in L.A. and had the Montero serviced. Wound up partying more in three days than we normally do in three months. Just because. Came home and the cats had exploded into poo. You can imagine my delight. Exactly what I wanted to do after an eight hour drive, scrub poo off of various surfaces.

Neelix manifested ear mites, so I'm treating him for that. He's pretty tolerant of having ear drops put in, though you can tell he's not a fan of the process.

More recently we had a miniBBQ for the fourth of July, and then went on a successful fireworks hunt. The only thing better than fireworks is fireworks with the one you love. This weekend we may or may not have company over, next weekend we may or may not go to the State Fair with Sean and his possibly-girlfriend, Jon and maybe Emily + Liz, that should be fantastical. I do believe we'll definitely be heading to San Jose though. We shall see.

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