Saturday, November 6, 2010

Flowers & Sushi

Aaron was late from class the other day. He rides to school since it is so close, and there are many vehicles between our apartment and the college. Naturally as a woman, I worry. Turns out he was just being the sweetest ever and stopped by a florist on his way home to buy me a flower. A huge orange lily to be exact.

Some girls like roses. They are expensive, smell nice, and are pleasing enough to look at. However, all flowers smell nice and are pleasing to look at. So that just leaves you with expensive. The price of an object cannot be correlated to how much someone cares for you, though. The fact that tulips and lilies are my favorite flowers (as is the color orange), and he always remembers that -- means a lot more to me than the cost. The fact that he doesn't need an official holiday to treat me to nice things means even more. He brought me a flower he knew I'd love simply to show his appreciation of me. He is the best.

Then, last night, we went on a sushi date. There's this adorable little place right up the street from us that we'd been meaning to try, so we finally did. It was really good. Though its hard not to be tasty when it comes to sushi. We started the meal with vegetable tempura, then unagi and tako, followed by a caterpillar roll. For dessert we had green tea and red bean ice cream. Sooooooo yummy. Couldn't have had a better time.

And of course, we ended the night playing video games together.

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