Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Library Adventures

Yesterday I went to college with Aaron. He needed to make use of the campus library and I just like to go places with him. He gave me a tour of the grounds, showed me where a few of his classes are, pointed out the nerd section in the cafeteria, and then we made our way to the library.

Unfortunately the book he needed was checked out, so we decided to head to a nearby bookstore to buy other books he needed for other courses. En route we decided to check out some of the apartment complexes nearby since we are in the market for a new place and we've had our eye on a particular place in that area.

We found a particularly nice one and will likely wind up there once we've got all of our plans panned out and everyone's schedules worked in. Best part is that it's a big place, perfect for the two of us and Neelix the giant. Second best part is that there is a creek nearby, so there is a cool place for me to go chill by the water and play with frogs.

The second place we stopped to check out was endlessly confusing, though they had brilliantly tended palm trees lining the walk ways. We wandered around for so long trying to find the manager's office that there were hawks circling over head waiting for us to die so they could bag a free meal.

The third place was even less welcoming, if that's possible. We found the manager's office easy enough, however the manager was some crotchety old woman who made fiberglass socks seem pleasant. She answered the door with a, "Yeah?" and when we informed her that we were in the market for a new apartment her reply was, "What do you want?"

An apartment... we just said that, didn't we? I was speechless, it was profound how ill suited she was to her job. Like she wanted nothing to do with us or the paperwork that would be involved in taking copious amounts of our cash. Her loss.

She made the guy at the first place who had sat down to have a chat with us and then took us on a tour of the community seem like some housing market saint. I kind of wanted to go back and offer him a drink or a cookie or something for being good at his job (and not an ass).

It was an entertaining day. Once we got back to the library, the book Aaron had needed was back and he could get his work underway. I busied myself with sketching beside him and bore witness to the most painfully awkward/hopeless flirting ever -- making the day even greater.

At the next table some odd social fail was happening. This dude casually "wanders" past the girl sitting there, does an actual double take and coyly proclaims how he almost walked right by her without seeing her there. Despite clearly having no business in the library, let alone the inner most library courtyard aside from "nonchalantly" bumping into her. As in: no books, no back pack, no notebook, no writing utensils. He then helped himself to the seat beside her.

At first I thought it was going to be a really weird case of unrequited affections, but no, it ended up being weirder because she totally wanted him as much as he wanted her. Just somehow neither of them were aware of the other's interest. While he had come there just in the hope of running into her, she flirted with him mercilessly the second he sat down.

And yet she remained oblivious to his motives and he remained just as ignorant to hers. I was tempted to go over to the both of them and set things straight just so I could stop being witness to all of the sad, but eventually she left and he just sat around for twenty or so minutes (doing nothing) until I guess it finally became clear she had left for good, and then he left as well.

It was really funny.

Once Aaron finished his work, we packed up our things and journeyed home, stopping for tasty Mexican food at this new little place on the way we had been curious about. Om nom nom. We spent the rest of the night in with Stargate and Civilization 4. Spain declaring war on me kept us up way past bed time.

In other news, it was brought to my attention that Neelix was very sick recently but is on the road to recovery now. Everyone keep his big giant head in your thoughts and send him all your well wishes if you happen to be his ultra cool Facebook friend.

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