Wednesday, March 24, 2010

One Week

It has been about a week since I've been in California and as I recall anything longer than that is considered "too long" between updates. So, here is an update!

I get daily texts from my mom about the well being of my cat and my goldfish and I spend my days doing awesome things with awesome people in an awesome place (no less).

Right now we are working our way through Diablo II. We will save the world! Or perhaps we'll inevitably destroy the world, with our dark might (TM)! Who knows?

Not I.

The only draw back is my Windows Bug has escalated and I'm now stuck in 800x600 resolution with no hope of changing it until I reformat. So every time I get online it's like a laptop time machine to 1997. By the way guys, I've got a Windows Bug.

Also: Magic. I have learned it (more or less). Now I can also be a card geek. My nerdiness knows no bounds! I now just have to make my own decks.

Alas, I smell something delicious in the kitchen and my curiosity will not let me remain here, on the bed, typing like a typerton. Away I go!

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