Monday, March 8, 2010

Mauled By A Bear!

Okay, it was my cat, but honestly he is kind of like a bear. In size and build, anyway.

What happened is that everyone and their dog (literally) wanted to come see the mythical giant cat on my nephew's birthday. I tried to warn them that he had never seen a dog before and thus wasn't a big fan, but children are hardly adept at waiting and they opened the door prematurely with the dogs right there. Much to the dismay of my flesh:

I should probably get stitches or something.
The worst part was that due to his weight (30 lb.) and size (2'8"), he didn't just rend the flesh, he also bruised the muscle beneath. The big fat! Mere seconds after it happened he was chilling on the foot of my bed half asleep like nothing out of the ordinary had happened whatsoever. Dog intrusion totally forgotten. But that's Neelix for you.

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