Friday, August 8, 2008

The Verdict

Things went pretty well at the doctor's office today. My cast was removed and the results of my MRI were revealed to me. The fracture is pretty much healed now, thankfully. After the scare of it getting worse last time, I was very concerned about it not healing at all. The ligaments are weak and inflamed, but not seriously. So there should be no permanent damage to my wrist, though it still hurts remarkably bad.

I've been put into physical therapy for 30 days, probably starting tomorrow, and on an anti-inflammatory regimen for that whole 30 days of therapy. The goal is to alleviate some of the pain through electrical shock therapy, motion therapy, and probably water therapy -- to increase circulation and heal the damaged nerves. Supposedly that is the cause of my lingering pain. I'm optimistic.

At the moment I can't even move my thumb, at all, and it is a little purple in the nail bed. I'm going to get so owned in Soul Caliber 4 by the time I can finally play it. All of my friends will have had weeks of practice!

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