Friday, September 12, 2014

My First Nightmare

I've been a lucid dreamer for about as long as I can remember. I always have very long, complicated dreams that are more like movies than dreams. If I don't like the way things are headed I consciously make the decision to change it. This is just how it's always been. The few times I've had no control over the sequence of events I've just woken myself up. Last night I not only had a dream take me by surprise, but I also apparently had absolutely no control over it. Bad things never happen to me in my dreams. Until last night.

I had my first ever nightmare. So what's my nightmare scenario?

I dreamt that Aaron and I were getting ready for some sort of weekend vacation. Eileen was going to watch Jude for us, she had already come and picked him up. When we got to our hotel we decided to cruise around to find a grocery store to pick up some essentials. While out I started experiencing abdominal pains. Assuming appendicitis we rush to the local hospital.

Upon arrival it not only turns out that I am pregnant but that I am also labor. I'd gotten pregnant without symptoms again only instead of making it 7 months before showing at all or having any signs of pregnancy (like last time) I made it the entire 9 months. To make it worse as the doctor is examining me he says, "Alright, they're moving down it's time to push!" and I'm just like, "THEY?!" The doctor responds by flipping the monitor around so that I can see it, I'm having twins.


Babies are precious miracles and blessings and all of that but you should have a whole 9 months to anticipate and prepare for their arrival! Having a month or less is scary enough for one baby, but two?! Dear goodness, no thanks.

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