Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Stop It

Time for some much needed brutal honesty. You know what I find obnoxious? People who complain about things, over and over again, that are completely within their power to fix. That shit drives me crazy. Sure, complain a few times, that's healthy and expected; after that fix the issue so that it quits happening! Don't turn into one of those people who just love to bitch and moan. Oh, poor picked on you.

If you have a family member/co-worker/friend who you know is a bad person, because let's face it it's not a fucking secret, you need to quit letting them do that. Complaining about it to third parties without addressing the underlying issue with the person in question isn't going to do much except make you seem like you simply like the attention of seeming hurt.

I say seeming hurt because, really, how hurt can you be if you subject yourself to it constantly? I'm not talking about children who've been beaten from an early age and have no means of escape here. I'm not talking battered women who fear for their lives either. Or people who may be stuck due to religious reasons, or cultural reasons beyond their control due to it being such a core belief to them. That shit is different. That's on a whole different level. I'm talking about trivial bull crap.

You know they are a bad person! Why let their opinion effect your mood in the first place? That's asinine. They're a dick. You know they are a dick. You begin your conversations with this knowledge so that everyone you talk to frequently also knows they are a dick. You talk about it so much that soon their names will be listed as synonyms for dick in the damned dictionary.

If it's because you're inherently insecure and don't know what to talk about if not that, the answer is anything else. If you don't have "complaining about ____" to fall back on, you fear you'll have nothing interesting to say. That you can't uphold your end of a conversation. Well get over it. Complaining about the same thing every few days isn't upholding conversation at all. It's boring. I'd rather endure a lecture on the life cycle of grass. Twice. Trust me, you could easily come up with something else to talk about that is leaps and bounds more interesting than whatever your mom/dog/boss/bff said to you again.

And you know what? If your social circle isn't otherwise interested in what you have to say, you're hanging with the wrong crowd. Find some people who actually share similar interests to you. You'll be a lot happier.

Let me reiterate, I'm not saying no one ever has any reason to complain about someone's shitty behavior. I'm saying why keep these shitty people in your life? If it's your family, move out. If it's your co-workers, look for another job. If it's your friends, find new ones. Life is not as hard as you're making it out to be. The biggest excuse I hear, especially in dealing with family is lack of funds to move out. If you have a job and are living rent free off your parents... where the hell is your money going? Quit spending it on stupid shit and save up. Or get a room mate.

Don't let bad people make you feel bad about yourself. It's dumb. Furthermore, seeking sympathy for it over and over again is kind of manipulative, as people who care about you will continuously be there to feed your need for attention when all you have to do is walk the goddamnfuck away. I shouldn't have to tell you that. You know.

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