Thursday, September 6, 2012

Disclaimer & PSA To Social Media Moms

As I prepare to join Club Motherhood I just wanted to take a moment to reassure you all of something: I won't smother you in baby photos and updates constantly.

There's been a recent increase in such topics lately but that's more because I went from having four months to share the ups and downs of pregnancy with you to one month, so if I intend to share anything at all, it kind of has to be condensed.

This is something a lot of new mothers tend to do once their child is born, go into overload mode sharing anything and everything about baby and rarely if ever anything about themselves. As if their individuality as a human being no longer matters. I'm fully aware that once you've reproduced your entire outlook on life changes drastically. That tiny person will always, always come first in every little thing you do. That said, you as a woman, are still important. What you have to say is still relevant.

Friends and family all still want to know how your day was. They still want to know your opinion on things. Ten thousand updates about nothing but how the baby is sleeping right now, or how you fed the baby an hour ago do not tell them anything that isn't already assumed. They know your baby eats and sleeps. What are you up to in those welcome moments that you've found time to spare for yourself? Now sure, if baby is doing something particularly interesting, by all means share the hell out of it. People will be stoked. Just don't lose sight of yourself in the process.

It may at times feel like you've nothing interesting to write about, especially at first, since your world shrinks considerably in the months following delivery -- but trust me, there's something you have to say about yourself that we'll all be glad to hear.

Originally this blog was going to be about something else entirely (college) which I suppose I'll just get around to writing later, since this topic's already taken precedence. The disclaimer was only supposed to be a sentence or so, but then I felt obligated to follow it up with a public service announcement, because we all have "those friends" who suddenly never say anything that isn't baby-related.

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