Saturday, December 3, 2011

Emil's Birthday

Aaron and I went down to San Jose for our friend's birthday this past weekend; had a lot of fun. Carpooled to Sean's with our other pals Josh and Will. The first night we had some drinks and watched several episodes of the new animated X-Men series. It was bad but at least in a way you could enjoy by making fun of. Beast is a weird cat-man (yet sometimes a dog-man thanks to inconsistent animation), Cyclops is a whiny emo with whiny emo hair, Wolverine compulsively explains his powers every time he uses them, and for some reason Storm can't do anything without exhausting herself like an elderly old man.

Later we tried to watch the new animated Wolverine series but that was just bad in all of the wrong ways. Wolverine starring The Fonz -- I'm not sure how else to describe all of the wrong. I know he's supposed to be a cool guy, but he's also supposed to be a dark, gritty guy. In my opinion, debonair is not ever a word you should be using to describe Wolverine.

We finally turned in around 3:00 AM, only to wake up sometimes just before 9:00 AM. I'm not sure why, but I wasn't groggy or at all despite only having gotten six hours of sleep. Sean served up some big fluffy pancakes with bacon and we laid around playing the 360. For lunch we strolled down to the BBQ where Aaron made tasty burgers for us all.

Ryan came down at some point during lunch and mentioned that he had downloaded a rather comedic documentary about Sex Robots, and the pitiful people who don't simply have a fetish for robots, but are so afraid of actual human women that they won't have anything to do with them. So naturally we headed back up to watch it and sure enough it was as entertaining as we'd suspected it would be. There are a lot of really, really sad people in this world, let me tell you that. Also? Sex Robots are hideous looking.

We spent the rest of the evening watching movies. Commando (you know the one) and Krull which has a young padawan-looking Liam Neeson in it. Braids and all. I think both movies would've made prime candidates for a drinking game, but we needed to head home that night and I'm pretty sure we would've gotten completely sloshed. Instead we had a Kettle Corn feast, then packed it up and headed back at around 10:00 PM.

Our journey was made difficult by the entrance ramp to the freeway being closed. We had to get on going the opposite direction we needed to be going, then get off and back on going the right way. This was further complicated by all of the other off ramps being poorly lit, convoluted labyrinths. Even so, it only took us two tries and then we were on our way.

We made it back around 12:00 AM and then parted ways with our passengers and were greeted by cats who seemed to think we were never coming home. All in all a great weekend spent in great company.

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