Monday, January 10, 2011

The Shape of Things To Come

Now that I've decided this will be my primary medium for journal writing, this is a general, "WTF you can expect," post.

Things you can expect from me:
  • Posts about nonsense.
  • Posts about my past.
  • Posts about my present.
  • Posts about my future.
  • Posts that are lighthearted.
  • Posts that are srsly srs.
  • Posts about your posts.
  • Posts about inanimate objects.

These are things you should not expect from me:
  • Posting in any sort of scheduled manner.
  • Posts about politics.
  • Posts about religion.
  • Posts about sports.
  • Posts that are concise.

You should also be forewarned that I view the world in a very 'outside the box' sort of way and often times that carries over to my writing. I may jump from one subject directly into the next with little or no transition, expecting you to follow along. And what starts as a short update about my day may turn into a rant about nothing in particular.

Without further ado...

P.S. Went ahead and transferred all of my old blog posts over to this blog. Going so far back as to the year 2006.

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