Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Way To be Creepy

The other day while grocery shopping, I think I was almost abducted right from the store. I noticed some guy kept stalking me through the isles staring. Literally, in the unblinking sense. Which is pretty weird on it's own, right? So then I am headed down the cereal isle, because I love me some cereal, and I get this uneasy feeling in my stomach like, ''Turn around!'' which is odd because I'm deaf and there is no way I could have heard his approach or anything of that sort. Yet when I turned around BAM! Right on top of me, almost in my back pocket, was this man giving me the creepiest look. Something like you'd see a cat give a goldfish right before he swallows it whole.

He just gives this crooked smile and says, ''May I help you?'' his lips probably about 5 inches from my eyelashes, not kidding. I'm like, what the hell? I should be the one asking questions! I just gave him a sort of strange look and pretending not to be totally weirded out but just confused. He backed off but continued following me around the store up until check-out. He did not go so far as to stalk me into the parking lot. Thankfully.

What a strange day.

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