Saturday, April 5, 2008

Spring Time, It is Here

It has finally stopped snowing long enough for things to turn green around here.

While I love winter, especially how the snow glimmers under the dim lighting at night... I absolutely adore tulips and they start making their first appearances in the beginning of April after the last flurries have come and gone.

I felt a little bad for the birds, they had flown up from their Winter get away in the South around March 25th, and as soon as they got here they got snowed on. Poor little birdies. To make it worse, they had to have been very hungry.

They are chirping in delight today, the sun is out, it’ nice and mild outside -- probably plenty to eat. They’ll be building nests soon which means only the coolest thing ever: baby birds!

By the way, Crisis Core? Still awesome.

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